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Main features - Cloud computing - mobility

Phonepilot is operationable on all systems with a browser.

Browsers are the future's operating systems, therefore, "cloud software" as Phonepilot, is part of the future.

You are no longer locked to your desk when you want to work. You can work in the train, in the park, at the beach or at home.

More freedom gives better results, freedom also means that that you choose to go to the office because the productivity is best there.

Cloud software does not need installation and you can start right away. You only need the browser.

Phonepilot supports the following browsers:

1. Google Chrome

2. Safari

3. Firefox

4. Internet Explorer

5. All smartphone browsers.

The list is sorted according to the browsers' efficiency and usability when they run Phonepilot.
Another cloud advantage is, you do not have to think about backup. Phonepilot as well as the web hotel make backup every day. All precautions have been taken to protect your data in the unlikely event that the website should be offline.

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