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Main features - Privacy policy

Total and complete Privacy for your PhonePilot Celldialer Android/Iphone app.

PhonePilot celldialer does not store or share any information externally entered by the user.

By externally we mean outside of the users cellphone.

So any phone number or voice recording created by the user will stay the users phone, with no option or possiblity from PhonePilot to be shared to any other device or in the cloud.

No uploading or sharing is provided or done by the PhonePilot app, so internet connection is not even required, to use the app.

For the section of the app e it is possible to receive phonenumbers from a PhonePilot website, that the user can optionally be registered in, but again, nothing is uploaded or shared with other devices.

Only downloading from PhonePilot is involved, but no uploading.

There is no possibility for the user to share any personal information or otherwise, by the use of this app.
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