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Quickguide - Creating a project

Creating a project (assignment)

You should always create an assignment from a template, preferably your own template. If you dont have any, use the system administrator template and change it into your own. Questionnaire, report templates and outcomes are copied using the "copy" feature. So always consider this option first.

To start using the assignment

A) Import subjects.
B) A user of usertype "phoner" must be created under Users, All Users
C) The phoner must be connected to the assignment under Users, phoners.
D) The phoner mustr be assigned some subjects to call under Subjects Data, Subject processing OR Alternatively ”Automatic subject load volume” under "Configuration", "Properties" must be more than 0, and the assignment must have available subjects.

Now, the phoner will be able to log in to the phoner part of the system and start processing subjects.
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