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Quickguide - Phoner part

Phonepilot's phoner part

There is no specific button for saving. Instead it is done automatically when the outcome of the call is chosen in the right side of the screen. If case a customer subject denies to become a customer, click the button "rejected" and the subject will be placed on this list. The subject can be retrieved by changing the active list into "reject" under "category" in the top menu. Closed categories are reset at the beginning of each day for phoners.

Explanation of functions

Show all contacts: A popup will show all contacts having been attached to this subject and it is possible to change the preferred contact person by selecting one from the list

Contact person: In these fields details are shown for the primary contact person for the subject.

The button "New contact": A new contact person is created without deleting the present one from the list. If you overwrite the fields without clicking "New contact", the old contact will be deleted.

The button "Show all contacts": Here a popup will be opened showing ALL contact persons for this subject. Here you can choose a new primary contact person by marking the person. If a new one is created here, it is assumed to be the new primary one.

Selection of subjects: Here you can see the list of the subjects you have and sort by e.g. number of employees, branch etc.

List of status: Here you can see who has called the subject before with time and date or that PM has reminded a subject or sent a mail.

Next time of contact: Here it is possible to choose the time to contact a subject again as e.g. callback, send material or a real booking. It is always a good idea to agree on a point in time for next contact.

Calendar: Here you choose time and date for the bookings and you can see the consultants existing bookings and availabilities. Is only used for bookings.

Comment: It is possible to see history and miscellaneous notes.

Questionary: If a project requires answers to questions, put down the anwer in the white field and click on the cursor to go on.

Follow ups:
These a automatically moved by the system to "ready for calls" when the time is due. This i done by moving subjects and by login. Unfinished shutdowns with a star (*) are "prioritized follow ups" that will pop up even though you are working on another task.

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